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Drop by Drop Protecting Indiana's Water Supply
Drop by Drop
Protecting Indiana's Water Supply

Originally aired July 22, 2010
Drop by Drop water sample

Water is the basis and essence of all life. And yet, its value is often overlooked or taken for granted. We turn on the faucet or do laundry or flush the commode almost automatically, with little appreciation for this important and necessary resource flowing through the pipes. We simply expect it to be there when we need it.

And yet, for many small-town and rural residents all over Indiana, that supply of clean water is being threatened. Failing septic systems and aging, deteriorating infrastructure (both wastewater and drinking water) are compromising our continued connection to dependable supplies of what all living things need most: safe, clean water.

There is no new water on planet earth. Instead, the water we have is perpetually recycled. Therefore, how we treat our water today has a direct effect not only on ourselves, but also on the health and wellbeing of our fellow Hoosiers for generations to come.

In Drop by Drop: Protecting Indiana’s Water Supply, we’ll unlock the mysteries of where our water comes from, and where it goes once it disappears down the drain. And, we’ll witness real-life stories of the challenges people face – and overcome – in their efforts to bring clean water to their communities.

septic to sewers switch
How is a seatbelt like the switch from septic to sewers?
Metamora Town
How are other communities affected by water quality issues?
Federal Government
What is the Federal Government’s part in dictating local & state clean water standards?
Combined Sewer Overflow
What is a Combined Sewer Overflow?
How does contaminated water make you sick?
How are pharmaceuticals contaminating our water?
Coin Operated
What do you do if you don’t have a well, and you aren’t connected to city water?
Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Conference
What happens at an Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Conference?
Test Well
Do I really need to test my well?
Blue River
Spend a little more time on Blue River.
Water Treatment Facts
Support for this program is provided by the Indiana Regional Sewer Districts Association, and by the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water.

Drop by Drop waterfall