Forgotten Artists of Florence

Florence, Italy, is the birthplace of some of the world's most celebrated artists, scientists, and architects - from Michelangelo and Leonardo to Brunelleschi and Galileo. Yet little is known of the women artists who once painted there. A center for female creativity for more than five centuries, Florence hosts innumerable works by significant women painters from the Renaissance onward. Though these masterful paintings rival the art of their great male contemporaries, they are often unseen by the general public.

Invisible Women sheds light on these groundbreaking women artists and their virtually unknown works. It also points to the rediscovery and restoration of these works as the guiding forces behind rescuing the art of Florence's forgotten women artists.

Discovery the "hidden half" of one of the world's most beloved art cities!

Based on the book by Jane Fortune.

WFYI Advancing Women Artists Foundation