Natural Heritage of Indiana

Learning About Indiana's Natural Heritage

A compilation of informative material from NHI Project Partners with exceprts from The Natural Heritage of Indiana


Get the Book: The Natural Heritage of Indiana The Natural Heritage of Indiana by Marion JacksonMarion Jackson described his vision for the book The Natural Heritage of Indiana as “a celebration of Indiana’s natural heritage – its natural and human history, its landscape and its life – what it once was, what it is now, and what it promises to be.” He emphasizes the importance of understanding the past to prepare “us better to mold Indiana’s future.” He issued this challenge: “if you feel moved to help protect what remains of Indiana’s natural heritage, our objective will have been fulfilled.” This lavishly illustrated book contains essays by Indiana's leading scholar-teachers and concludes with "a call to arms for those who would presernve Indiana's environment. Purchase the book»

Get the DVD (or VHS): Naturally Indiana Naturally Indiana DVDHost Michael Atwood will lead viewers on a breathtaking tour of Indiana's state parks, nature preserves, and other natural wonders that make the Hoosier landscape so unique. Set against a backdrop of changing seasons, Naturally Indiana is a spectacular journey through the state's four major eco-regions: Tallgrass Prairie (Central), Great Lakes (Northwest), Tillplain (North Central) and Low Plateau (Southern Indiana). Producer J. Robert Cook and his production team spent ten months on-location in some of Indiana's most treasured state parks, nature preserves and fish and wildlife areas. The result is a picturesque video postcard of Indiana that captures the subtle power of Clifty Falls in Southern Indiana, the regal glory of the Northern Dunes, the quiet grace of Kankakee Sands, the shaded depths of the Southern Highlands, and many more Indiana gems. Purchase DVD or VHS»

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