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Wildflowers in Indiana



Content adapted with permission from the Friesner Herbarium, Butler University Department of Biology.
More information about the herbarium can be found here.

WildflowersWildflowers dot the highways in Indiana. They line parking lots, and they spring up in public playgrounds and parks. Taking a walk in the springtime, a hoosier is bound to come across some wildflowers. Some are native to Indiana, some brought by the earliest settlers, and others have been recently imported.

The Friesner Hearbarium is a systematic collection of nearly 100,000 dried, pressed, and preserved plant specimens. The specimens, with their carefully documentated labels, comprise a reference library on historical distribution, habitats, and timing of flowering and fruit production. The collection's voucher specimens serve to verify plant identification.


On the Friesner Herbarium web site, browse by wildflower photo or search the database by common or scientific name.

A similar guide from the herbarium is also available for prairie plants!

Check out the Indiana State Museum's exhibit "Footprints" ISMWhat was the area like 10,000 to 11,000 years ago? Where did the big animals go? And what can we learn from our impact on the past that will make us better stewards of our environmental future?

With Footprints: Balancing Nature's Diversity, presented by Central Indiana Land Trust, the Indiana State Museum will trace our state's natural history from the Ice Age to today and beyond, considering how humans and environmental changes have affected ecological diversity and the world we live in. Drawing from the museum's collections, the exhibit answers questions about Indiana's past, shows the animals' overwhelming size and number, and suggests what it might have been like to walk among them.
Explore the online exhibit »

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Newspaper articles about a variety of topics related to Indiana's Natural Heritage Our Hoosier State Beneath UsThis series of 155 brief illustrated articles is part of a set of about 250 such articles produced by the Indiana Geological Survey between 1974 and 1984. The articles were distributed to and printed by newspapers all over Indiana. The topics range from coal to paleontology to people to geology. There is even a keyword search tool and a full table of contents. Browse Articles »

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