Natural Heritage of Indiana

Teaching Indiana's Natural Heritage

With Indiana State Standards

An online resource for educators, students, and those interested in Indiana Nature


The Indiana That Was

Teach students about the formation of the midwestern landscape--from caves to Native American life to the arrival of EuroAmerican settlers.

The lesson plans cover topics including geology, dinosaurs, caves, Native Americans, and early explorers.

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Life in the Water

Educate Hoosiers about Rivers and Streams in Indiana

Inland Waters lesson plans will feature plant and animal species of water habitats as well as the river, stream, and lake systems themselves. Lessons cover topics like the tranparency of water, water quality, conservation of rivers, and protecting water animals' habitats.

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Prairie Chicken

Life on Land

Explore the diverse biota and habitats of Indiana with your class

Guide your students toward an appreciation of wildlife with these lesson plans on animal adaptations, ecology, and natural habitats.

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A Changing Landscape

Help students learn about our effect on the landscape and show your class how to be stewards of the environment

What can your students do to be more green? Help them realize their part in Indiana's changing landscape with lessons on conservation, alternative energy sources, consumerism, and saving endangered species.

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Education Resources by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Education Center (NREC) NREC


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources' Education Center provides professional training and support for educators and volunteers to promote responsible stewardship of our natural resources. Attend workshops, browse curriculum guides, borrow hands-on classroom material, and more! The NREC programs include:

* Hoosier Riverwatch (Volunteer Stream Monitoring)
* Project Learning Tree (Forestry Education)
* Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)
* Project Wild (Wildlife Education)

NREC programs offer:
* Statewide Workshops for Adults (6-8 hours in length)
* Certification Renewal Units & College Credit
* Loaner Items for NREC Program Participants
* Advanced Topic Workshops

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Schedule a Free Outdoor Education Program for your class! DSE
The Discovering the Science of the Environment program is an experiential, inquiry-based, outdoor laboratory focused science education program for 4th-9th grade classes in central Indiana. Based in water resource and ecological restoration research and education programs at CEES this program effectively bridges applied environmental research and technology to school education and outreach. Utilizing a mobile resource trailer equipped with interactive technology tools, web interface, and GIS mapping capabilities, the DSE program travels to your school to provide FREE educational programming at school ground natural areas. All programs are aligned to Indiana State Standards in science and mathematics and Excellence in Environmental Education - Guidelines for Learning (Pre K - 12) and resources, scientific equipment and measurement probes are provided by DSE. Fifteen comprehensive Outdoor Education classes are currently offered. Download an application»
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