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Across Indiana Season 20

20th Season Premiere - Episode 2001
Original air date: 2/8/2010
Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your television, "Across Indiana" is back for a 20th season, featuring adventures from America's Heartland.

Episode Segments:
• A Universal Language • Travels with Darby: Purple, My Foot! • Chickiepoo’s

Episode 2002
Original air date: 2/22/2010
Michael Atwood hands off the keys to "Across Indiana" to you, the home viewer, in this special "Do-It-Yourself-Home-Edition."

Dr. Beverly Monts, an assistant professor at Butler University, is your host.

Episode Segments:
• A Universal Language--Part II • A Carve Above the Rest • A Rose by Any Other Chic • Travel Across Indiana

Episode 2003
Original air date: 3/22/2010
Host Michael Atwood sets up shop at hobby store "Train Central," east of Irvington/Indianapolis, on this show devoted to doing what you'd rather be doing when you're not doing what you need to be doing to pay the bills - namely, hobbies.

Episode Segments:
• Travels with Darby: Marsh Madness • A Universal Language – Part III • Will Duck for Food • Pride, Prejudice and Porcelain • Collective Creativity

Episode 2004
Original air date: 4/5/2010

Episode Segments:
• Indiana Tearjerkers • The Real Stalag 17 • Day at a Time • The Situation is Dire • Bringing a Legend into Focus • Ben Vereen • Finding Inspiration in Your Own Backyard

Episode 2005
Original air date: 5/17/2010
Student video productions from Anderson University and a musical history of the United States, and its transportation, staged in Columbus, Indiana.

Episode Segments:
• American Pie • Sign Language • Argentine Social Tango • Saturday Night Lights • Diners 'Across Indiana' • Good as New (Only Old) • Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Show

20th Anniversary Special
Original air date: 5/27/2010
Across Indiana 20th Anniversary Special highlights the people and stories featured on this Hoosier viewing favorite.

Episode Segments:
• 20th Anniversary Special