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  1. Housing Counselor
    What will a housing counselor need to see? Know your income and your spending.
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  2. Counselor Duties
    What are the duties of a housing counselor? How can they help you?
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  3. Collection Notices
    How should I deal with collection notices? Ignoring collectors won't make them go away.
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  4. Servicer
    What is a servicer? They collect your monthly payments on behalf of the lender.
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  5. Future Problems
    What if I see mortgage problems a few months ahead? Stay in contact with the lender.
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  6. Paying For Help
    Do you have to pay for help? Think twice before giving someone a lot of money to solve your problems.
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  7. Forbearance
    What is forbearance? Negotiating a way out of foreclosure is difficult but can be done in some cases.
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  8. Modify Loans
    Some lenders are more willing to modify loans than they have been in the past. Ask for help if you are in trouble or may be in trouble.
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