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Producer/ Director
Ben Strout

Anne Outside of Church
Ben Strout

Associate Producers
Anne Fortier
Bair Irincheev

Director of Photography
Michael Bowie

Additional Photography
Ted Coats
Jari Muktikainen
Jukka Talikka
Matti Ruuhonen

Kurt Poole

Field Engineer
Gary Groth

Post Engineer
Dan O’Connellcrew filming on location
Filming on location.
Ben Strout

Post Production Services
Music City Digital

Audio Mix and Effects
Digital Audio Post
Michael Davis
Aaron Flanary

Ben Strout

Film Crew
Ben Strout

Stunt Director
Juha Pursiainen
Stunts Finland

Special Effects
Konsta Mannerheimo
Finnish Special Effects Service

Jamie Lawrence - composer, piano/percussion
Abe Appleman - concertmaster
Ann Leathers - violin
Sue Pray - viola
Richard Locker - cello
Peter Gordon - horn

Recorded at Manhattan Beach Studios, New York
Daniel Lawrence- engineer

Graphics and Animation
Magnetic Dreams

Phil Riesen

Interviewing Survivors
Interviewing survivors.
Ben Strout

Additional Voices
Jason Agnello
Joe Brady
Phillip Courtney
Paul Gitsis
Boris Gorlin
Hart N. Hasten
Janne Huotari
Petteri Laukkanen
Sami Manninen
Arian Moayaed
Juhana Myllyniemi
Ernest Nurullaev
Les Pace
Kalle Pekkala
Ilkka Ruotsalainen
Yury Sigal
Allison Talis
Zachary Taylor

Creative Consultant
Tom Cochrun

Make Up
Eija-Leena Lehmuskallio

Talent and Music Coordinator
Anna Strout

Reenactment Clubs
Red Army, St. Petersburg
4th Jaeger Battalion, St. Petersburg
Za Rodinu Reenactment Club, St. Petersburg
Soldiers of the Fatherland Reenactment Club, St. Petersburg
Border Guards Reenactment Club, St. Petersburg
North Front, St. Petersburg
Finnish Reservists Association

Filming on Location
Filming on location.
Ben Strout
Production Assistance
Sami Manninen
Michael Dolan
Salpa Line Museum
Tank Museum, Parola
Veikko Saksi
Olli Russi
Asko Viitaniemi
Peggy Bowie
Tapio Hokkanen
Jukka Kauppinen
Timo Wuori
The Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound
Milpro Oy

Travel and Translation Services
Bair Travels Tmi

Program Controller
Yelena Strout

Archive Images
Suomen elokuva-arkisto / Finnish Film Archives
U.S. National Archives
Finland Defence Forces Education Development Centre, Production Division/Photographic Section
Raatenportti Museum
Finnkino Oy
National Museum of Finland
Mannerheim Museum
Central State Archive of Photo and Cinema, St. Petersburg

WFYI TelePlex - Indianapolis, Indiana
Alan Cloe, Executive Vice President.
Clayton Taylor, Vice President of Production

Web site
Westcomm, Design and multimedia elements

Karen Mullins, WFYI Communications Coordinator
Doug Jaggers, WFYI Publications Manager
Adam McClean, WFYI Intern

Bair Irincheev, Bair Travels Tmi
Marshall Kregel, Kevo4.com

Brent Snodgrass, Winter War Historian
William Trotter, Winter War Historian

Jarkko Vihavainen, Winter War Historian